What was so sexy is that fact you lingered…
Somehow without a more than a glance back,
you froze me dead in my tracks, and I felt transparent.
Not clear but foggy, and by your fixated delight it was enough that you could see through me, see to me. I was terrified that you knew me. Was that the thought when you persued me?
What was so sexy is that fact you lingered…
Like a bad craving you danced on my tongue.
And you were so good that I prayed for cheat day to come…
what was most sexy is the intensity you hide in the dark sexy place where im caged in your mind!
in the place where you keep lust coated memories of the way we expressed ourselves so intimately.

the addiction to thrill remains vividly



I have loved and been hurt.
That is affirmation that I’m capable.
How beautiful…
I have lost and now live fearlessly.
How rich…
I am surrounded in theory,
But alone in reality.

This is what confusion is made of.


I don’t like the pressure of being expected…

Let and let live.
Be and be free.

Why must you pick a pretty flower in its bloom?
How long can you keep it in a vase half submerged in your place for it before it dies?
Something’s are better left untouched.
Unpicked, in its natural state where it can thrive on its own.

Just Saying…Part I

I love depth.

Love comes with a lack of depth perception these days.

It is so easy (apparently) to be content with the glitter of what’s on the surface—Knowing “enough” to be comfortable and being blissfully naive.

I feel that I know nothing until I know your “cracks in the concrete”.

Your current self is only a present view of who you are…

If I don’t know further, or seem to want to explore further you equate to nothing…

So the level in which I want to EXPERIENCE ( I use that word with sincere intent) someone is far beyond what stands before me…
And far more uncomfortable than anyone could bare.

3:00AM Thoughts

If only I knew what was coming that has stirred my dreams into distress…

I feel as if my vision is blurred and I’m feeling my way through things rather than functioning purposefully.

But along with acknowledgement comes change…
Unfortunately this means taking away a bit more of myself, but fortunately I will learn how to disperse time and learn who to spend it on.

A finished thought…A finished request

Can I just have you?

In your truest form
In your finest element

Laced in my mind
You’ve tangled yourself in my interest…

Can I have you?
I want the curves of your mouth,
The spice of your tongue
The seams of your aura…
You’ve dressed yourself so elegantly in mystery…
May I take a peek into your soul?

You’ve flaunted your finesse
Teased me with your tenacity
If you’ve got nothing left to lose…
Can I have you?

The finer things, designer things …now arbitrary
All hail in no competition…
A wonder of the world a treasure undiscovered
You’ve blossoms out of the harsh elements with such a sweet truth
You’ve blanketed my Id
& If you’ve got nothing else to do…

May I -please- have you?